welcome home

everyday interactions

From the moment you walk through our front door, the familiar sights, sounds, and aromas invite you to engage with your loved one in a comfortable, stimulating environment. The kitchen is traditionally known as the heart of the home, and at Iris Memory Care it serves as the heart of the community! Our open-concept kitchen encourages residents and visitors to interact with cooks as they prepare classic dishes with fresh seasonal ingredients. Menus include meals your loved one will be familiar with, as well as family recipes shared by others. The food is only part of the dining experience; the sensory cues and social interactions that go along with each meal are equally important.

functional luxury

Throughout Iris Memory Care, beautifully designed interiors and carefully selected accents create an atmosphere of functional luxury.

Countertops throughout are made of high-end granite, providing visual warmth and natural durability. Strikingly beautiful hardwood-like floors provide an elegant look while minimizing trip hazards. Bathrooms are finished with gorgeous tile and cabinetry. Even the wall colors are specially chosen for their calming qualities.

safe and secure

At Iris Memory Care, we design our communities for no more than 24 residents per building. By limiting the number of residents served, we’re able to provide the care that’s essential to enhancing your loved one’s quality of life. Each building is designed to look and feel like a high-end single-family home, yet Iris Memory Care also has safety features to meet the unique needs of our community, including:

  • Fire Sprinklers and Alarms
  • Tempered Glass
  • Wander Management with Controlled Access

Our controlled access environment won’t stand in your way of connecting with your loved one. Day or night, weekday or weekend, you’re always welcome to spend cherished moments together.

compassionate care

past meets present

Our specially trained caregivers use informed, innovative approaches that are rooted in compassion and delivered with dignity. It’s quite common for residents with memory impairment to visit past experiences throughout the day. Rather than challenging or correcting their observations, we join and support them on their journey.

When a new resident joins Iris Memory Care, we partner with families to gather an extensive social and life history of their loved one. This equips us with valuable insights about past events, relationships, hobbies, and interests that allow us to create a Personalized Path of Care. By empathizing with your loved one and relating to the event or emotion they’re experiencing, we’re able to ask them questions and provide gentle redirection to offer comfort in the moment.

soothing traditions

Our high staff to resident ratio is an important part of our care model that allows us to spend more time with your loved one throughout the day. We visit with each resident multiple times per day to talk with them, give a hug, or hold a hand. These “hug rotations” are one of the most popular traditions at Iris Memory Care, bringing warm conversations and warm hugs to your loved one in a steady stream of interaction.

Additionally, we are proud to offer state-of-the-art Snoezelen® — a multi-sensory environment with benefits including mental stimulation, mood enhancement, and relaxation. Snoezelen can take many forms, from large rooms to compact, portable solutions.

staying connected

When the people you love are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, you do whatever you can to help minimize their anxiety and focus on the everyday pleasures that remain unaffected by memory loss. At Iris Memory Care, we understand that your loved one’s challenges can also have a dramatic impact on your family. That’s why we take great care in locating our communities near the places where so many families live, work, study, shop, and worship.