Spry and quick?
Difficulty walking, but still sharp of mind?
Declining memory, but still able-bodied?

If you think about it, there’s no set standard for aging. Depending on genetics, health history, environment, and lifestyle choices, each person ages at a different pace. It’s important that memory care communities and professionals consider this when developing care environments and treatment plans.

Here’s why we believe in creating more space for seniors to age at their own pace:

Uniform care and environments suppress strengths.
A resident who is fully able-bodied, capable of climbing stairs and going about their daily routine, could be dragged down by living in a facility that provides more physical and mental supports. They may start to use these supports and services before it’s really necessary, ultimately decreasing their capacity and creating deficits. On the flip side, a resident who needs more care should feel fully supported and not as though they are expected to push themselves beyond their limits.

There’s no way to cater to every need while caring for all patients in the same way.
Each resident has their own set of specific needs and preferences. By providing uniform care to everyone, no matter their stage or other health concerns, critical needs will be overlooked and the aging and disease process could be accelerated.

It shows value and dignity to the residents.
Taking the time and resources to provide individualized care sends a message to the residents and their families that the individual is worth your time and consideration. Grouping all seniors together minimizes their humanity and right to be seen as independent members of the community.

It allows for family input and collaboration.
When care communities prioritize individualized care, time and space is made for the family to partner with the staff and be involved in the process.

Effectiveness first, then efficiency.
When quality and longevity of life is at stake, we believe in effectiveness first, then efficiency. On the surface, it feels more efficient to have uniformity, but if impact is lost in efficiency, nobody wins. We want to see seniors and their families thriving and that means prioritizing effectiveness and results over efficiency.

Because of the strong value we place on individualized care and aging at one’s own pace, we are opening a new building at Iris – Edmond. The goal of the building is to create more space for residents to age in place – one building will be dedicated to those who are in the later stages of dementia, and progressing rapidly, while the other building will be for those whose disease is progressing slower. This will help to alleviate the tension of people walking the line between needing more than traditional assisted living and not yet ready for memory care.

To learn more about the dual-building model and creating more space for seniors to age at their own pace, please contact a personalized consultant from Iris Memory Care today at (405)-330-2222.